POSSIBLE FUTURES _ 1st Edition _ 2020

Created, artistic directed and curated by Gabriela Maciel (Brazil)
Co-curated by Yasmine Ostendorf (Netherlands)

Produced by Isadhora Müller

Directed by Miguel Sayad

Duration of 3 months: May, June and July.

Curated by Gabriela Maciel (Brazil) and Yasmine Ostendorf

This residency program has the participation of national and international artists and curators that create artistic projects related to environmental, cultural and social issues. It invites artists, curators and all people who are interested in thinking and designing new Possible Futures, to enroll.

Throughout this program we will develop projects and works ​​with artistic, cultural, multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches.

During the months online, participants will have critical follow-up and individual curatorial assessments with the 2 curators of this program, Gabriela Maciel and Yasmine Ostendorf, and three online collective meetings “From the Void to the Possible Futures through the Arts”, with the residence director, Miguel Sayad. The days and times of the assessments will be scheduled directly between the curators, the director and the participants.

Each meeting with the curators will last approximately 1h to 1.20h and will take place every 15 days, giving the participant time to research and develop their studies and creations between each conversation.

All the participants will be invited to contribute to the GALA – Green Art Lab Alliance manifesto. Since 2012, the Green Art Lab Alliance has established partnerships with institutions in residency projects, seminars, exchanges, workshops, exhibitions and other cultural activities with artists on the subject of climate and environmental changes. For the past 7 years, the network has been active in Europe and Asia and now in South America, with the aim of raising awareness for a global change. 

This is also an opportunity to promote new relationships, establish national and international collaborations and cultural partnerships.

We offer 2 options for participating: 

Option A) 
2 months online and 1 month in person
with exhibition at Largo das Artes cultural centre , Rio de Janeiro.

1st month (online): From May 1st to May 31st
2nd month (online): From June 1st to June 30st                                
3rd month (at Largo das Artes): From July 1st to July 31st  (dates to be confirmed)

Regarding the 3rd month, at Largo das Artes:
1st week _ production of the artworks on site.
2nd week _ final tuning of the works and mounting the exhibition. 
3rd week – opening exhibition, talks and visits.
4th week – un-mounting the exhibition.

 During May and June, we will carry out online assessments and during the 3rd month, possibly in July, or when allowed, we will produce and present an exhibition and a talk with the participants and the public, at Largo das Artes cultural center, Rio de Janeiro.

Option B) 
2 months online and 1 online exhibition  

1st month (online): From May 1st to May 31st
2nd month (online): From June 1st to June 30st                                
3rd month (online): From July 1st to July 31st            (dates to be confirmed)

Regarding the 3rd month of online exhibition:
1st week _ sending the digital content (imagens and text) to the curators.
2nd week _ selecting the content with the curators
3rd week – uploading the online platform (this will be made by the residency team)
4th week – launching the online exhibition.

We inform that we have considerably reduced the participation fee due to the current moment that we are going through. 

Option A) 

For Brazilian applicants the previous monthly fee was: BRL 3.000
Now the fee for 3 months is: BRL 3.500

For international applicants the previous monthly fee was: EUR 1.800 
(with accommodation)

Now the fee for 3 months is: EUR 660
(without accommodation)

Option B) 

For Brazilian applicants the previous monthly fee was: BRL 3.000
Now the fee for 3 months is: BRL 3.000

For international applicants the previous monthly fee was: EUR 1.800 
(with accommodation)

Now the fee for 3 months is: EUR 560
(without accommodation)

We are available to answer any questions and discuss payment and installment plans. 

To register please fill out the form or contact us by email, mobile or whatsapp. 
Email: info.evlargo@gmail.com
T. / whatsapp + 55 21 995291777  

Miguel Sayad (Brazil)
Founder, director and head curator of Espaço Vazio art residency and of Largo das Artes cultural centre. Psychoanalyst at the Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis, Rio de Janeiro; at the International Psychoanalytic Association and at the Latin American Psychoanalytic Federation. He created and developed the concept and methodology of EV Espaço Vazio (Empty Space), which originated EV in 2000 and Largo das Artes in 2007. Currently, he develops this residency project in Portugal through EV_Lisbon; Participates in the organization of the multidisciplinary Psychoanalytic Congresses in Portuguese Language, working in the interface Psychoanalysis – Contemporary Art. 

Gabriela Maciel (Brazil)
Artistic director and curator of EV_Largo art residency, from july 2019 until august 2020; Created of the Possible Futures residency program; Founder and director of TAL Tech Art Lab cultural platform and producer, since 2011; Curator of The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale, RJ, since 2013; Co-curator of Re_Act contemporary art laboratory , archipelago of the Azores, 2017; Curator of the Dotmov Multimedia Festival, Brazil – Japan (2016-2011). Her critical texts are published in: Dialogue Nº1, Light Aura Reflex, The Kinsky; While Satellites Dance, Artsy;Feijoada and Feminismo, CAPACETE, amongst others. Her curatorial works are published in: Art Research Map; ArtRio; DasArtes; Magnetica Magazine; JooneJoonJax; Scandale Project; Pipa Prize, amongst others.

Yasmine Ostendorf (Netherlands)
Director of the Green Art Lab Alliance, a network of 35 cultural organizations in Europe and Asia working on social and environmental responsibility; Head of the Nature Research Laboratory at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht (NL) since 2017; Researcher in Asia and Europe on artists who propose more sustainable, interconnected and resilient societies, since 2012; Worked extensively on international cultural mobility programs and on the subject of art and ecology for specialized organizations such as: Bamboo Curtain Studio (TW), Cape Farewell (United Kingdom) and Trans Artists (NL); Author of the series of guides “Creative Responses to Sustainability”; Associate curator of Valley of the Possible (CL) and C-Platform (CN); Collaborating writer for the digital platform Artists and Climate Change.