An art residency should facilitate and inform the spontaneous creativity and the advent of the being of the artist manifest in the work.

During the residency a new landscape that surrounds and breathes the artist, depends on being cared for actively and being calm and indolent.

A strange involvement with a stranger who reaps it, but does not solve.

This residency invites the other to get involved and take care, take care of small things so small, easy to crush.

Hence comes the creative flow: to expose and impose, as an admired presence, the almost invisible.

Here in EV Espaço Vazio the beating heart is the heart of the forest, cradled by the breeze of the dining room and the anxiety of the exhibition.

The process of residence in the EV includes not only the path in the void, the process or the publication of the artist and the work accomplished, but the final exhibition in verb, speech and poetry facing the public, tangentiating reason.

Miguel Sayad EV_Largo Director and Head Curator

Miguel Sayad is the founder, director and head curator of Espaço Vazio residency and Largo das Artes cultural center; Psychoanalyst, effective member of the Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Psychoanalysis Societ; of the International Psychoanalytic Association; of the Psychoanalytic Federation of Latin America and Coordinator of the Exchange Program of the Brazilian Psychoanalysis Society of Rio de Janeiro, with the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countires.

He is also a contemporary art collector that created and developed the concept of the “Espaço Vazio ” (Empty Space), that is a methodology for developing spontaneous and transformative creativity, based on his psychoanalytical and cultural experience, which focuses on the activity to be transformed through the radical subjectivation of personal experience, that implies the idea of ​​preservation and repair of the environment through artistic activity.

At the beginning of the year 2000 Miguel recovered a ruined nineteenth-century Portuguese-built townhousein downtown Rio de Janeiro and began the transformation with the help of Ligia Veiga, Companhia de Mistérios e Magias, Dance Company Lia Rodrigues and others. Later, he invited the artist Ernesto Neto to occupy this space to build his large-scale installation projects to be presented abroad: Malmoe in Sweden and the Pantheon in Paris. Those artists occupations gave rise to the Largo das Artes in 2007. This year, Miguel opened Largo das Artes contemporary art gallery, which remained as a gallery until 2013, when he created with Consuelo Bassanesi the residency program of Largo das Artes, that was latter transformed into the Despina residency by Consuelo and that was at Largo until 2017.

EV residency was created and directed by Miguel in 2000 which hosted more then 100 national and international artists until today. Miguel is currently organizing the EV_Lisboa residence, Portugal, and keeps monitoring the creative development of former residents of Largo das Artes in annual visits worldwide.

Miguel Sayad, Director and Head Curator

Espaço Vazio EV, created and directed by Miguel Sayad from an operative and methodological concept that combines art and psychoanalysis, is not only a place of dwelling for reflection, experimentation, but a constitutive experience of living the artistic residence.

EV was founded in the year 2000 with the collaboration of Brazilian artists. From 2009 onwards it hosted international artists and projects such as: Iran-Rio Art Connection Project (2016) with the support of the Prince Claus Fund; Gabi Schillig, artist – Studio for Dialogical Spaces Berlin and Professor at UdK – Berlin University of the Arts; artists and curator of  LabVerde, with whom we established a partnership (2019).